Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Currently x17 & positive affirmations {link ups}

So, today is somewhat of a link up dump!  I love both of these link ups & the hosts, so check them out. 
Currently: Harvesting Kale & Write Yourself Happy (Positive Affirmations): Smile & Write
First up, this week's prompts are {clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching}


CLEARING:  Our bank account.  Man.  It seems like all I'm doing lately is spending money on groceries or something we need for the house.  Tony even talked me into a $60 leaf blower!  And he was very convincing!!!  (And on his behalf, it is something that we needed.  But still!)  This was on top of the new mower.  And a $45 extension cord.  And new curtains and a rod.  And a million other things.  I will be excited when it all settles down and starts to pay off.  We will also need shoe molding for the entire house (ughhhhh.... stupid project), a few area rugs (I'm thinking eventually for the living room, dining area, & bedroom), to install a new disposal (which was "working" before we moved in & cleared the inspection.... somehow...), a weed eater... and that is just the short list.  It's all very exciting but I am going to feel much better when we are spending less!

DIGGING:  The fact that it is almost Thursday already.  The Scandal finale is tomorrow and I can hardly wait!  I'm several episodes behind with Grey's Anatomy... as usual, but thankfully we have a few more weeks before that season finale.  I'm also SUPER behind on Parenthood & How I Met Your Mother... which YES... means I have NOT seen the finale yet and NO I would not like any spoilers!  The speakers for our computer went out so I just need to catch up on my phone.  Eventually.

MIXING:  I am feeling EXTREMELY mixed on whether or not to transition Presley to a toddler bed before Molly comes.  So many pros/cons and informed opinions.  Ultimately, the decision is ours because every kid is different from the next and as her parents, we know her best.  The thing that is completely throwing me off is the fact that she is STILL UP as I type - an hour after she laid down in her crib!  It is SO DISHEARTENING going from a serious sleeper to someone who plays at bedtime now for so long.  Will this get better in a toddler bed, stay the same, or get worse?  I guess I'm just worried that she isn't ready for it.  I'm worried that she will backslide once Molly is here.  And I'm worried it will affect all of our sleep!  Tony's response?  "Well we can't keep her in a crib forever."  -_-  I wonder if switching to a video monitor for Presley would take some of that anxiety away.

READING:  I just got involved in giving myself a reading challenge with the Goodreads website/app.  I think once I have Molly I am going to regret setting such an ambitious challenge for myself - which is 24 books this year.  Especially considering I started the challenge in April.  Usually, this wouldn't be so bad, but with a newborn?  I am thinking it's just not gonna happen (I'm already 6 books behind schedule...) but we'll see.  Reading any amount of books is better than none at all.  I started the challenge re-reading the Hunger Games and I am still stuck there.  I have not been able to keep my eyes open at night to read!  The book, however, is just as awesome as I remember.

WATCHING:  We've been watching "Ultimate Car Build-off" on Netflix the past few nights (you can guess who chose this) and it is a really good show.  Cars and sports are two of Tony's favorite pastimes and hobbies and thank the good Lord that I've honestly come to love them both as well.  Of course, not as fervently as he does, but I do really enjoy them nonetheless.  Anyways, they have to do these crazy challenges on the show and these shop guys are pretty spectacular with what they can pull off with random vehicles in 40 hours!

Five affirmations for my life:

  • A ship in port is safe but that's not what ships are built for.  Grace Murray Hopper
  • You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.  Aibileen Clark
  • I am thankful for today.
  • Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.  It's a sign that you have a big heart, and that you aren't afraid to let others see it.  Showing your emotions is a sign of strength."  Brigitte Nicole
  • Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate.  Matthew 19:6

I plan to incorporate a couple of these the more I begin decorating - the first two are absolutely going up somewhere in this home.  The first one on the list is very special to me and became ingrained in my heart during a TEC weekend a few years ago.  The second definitely speaks to my heart and is from the movie/book The Help at one of the most moving points of the story for me.  The last affirmation on the list is something that has always given me comfort in the struggles that come in our marriage.  The third and fourth on the list are such needed reminders for me - to just stop and be THANKFUL for today and to also stop apologizing when expressing genuine emotions... especially the ones that might make myself/others feel a little uncomfortable at first (such as crying).

I'd love to know what you guys have currently been up to and/or the five affirmations that resound for you.  You can link up through the bloggers listed above!  Thanks to both hosts for bringing bloggers together and giving us the chance to express ourselves further.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happies & Crappies.

Today is so not my day.  The beginning of today was so not my day.  Thankfully, it all turned around and ended on a sweet note.

  •  Drove over an hour round trip to Memphis Lights Gas & Water downtown to pick up some paperwork that MLGW sent to our new home but never ended up making it to us somehow... they told me I had to visit their office as they couldn't send it back out (awesome).  Of course it is in the 30s-40s today and VERY windy + Presley has a cold and a very runny nose.  Great combo!  The trip ended up being a WASTE of time (don't even want to get into that fact).
  • To top of the morning's trip - while Presley and I were crossing the street, we hit the trolley tracks just right wrong and the stroller flipped over to where Presley landed face down on the pavement and I landed belly first right into the handlebars.  iPod, iPhone, and keys go flying everywhere... all in the middle of the street!!!!  AHHH!  I just wanted to give up.  Poor Presley was SO upset because I'm sure that did not feel good.  I gave Presley the option of getting back in the stroller or walking the rest of the way and needless to say the stroller became obsolete after that accident.
    This is pretty much EXACTLY where we bit the dust in the road.
  • Once we were home, Presley somehow rolled off the couch while she was laying there.  This girl cannot catch a break today!
  • I'm not sure what caused it to be exact, but now that Presley is in her room for a nap, I have got a splitting headache.
  • Seems like no matter when we try to plan a trip to visit Amanda, John, Anne Marie, Sammy & new baby Matthew - something comes up and makes it a little more difficult to execute. 
  • Just been missing my QC friends a whole heck of a lot lately.  It sucks that so many of them were just becoming mommies as I was leaving and now not only am I missing out on their sweet friendship but also missing out on the mommy/kiddo moments we could have had.  I know life goes on and our friendships will, too, but it's just been bumming me the heck out lately.
  • I've had Disney on the brain lately and just constantly find myself dreaming of going back on my honeymoon with Tony again.  I know that we would probably be homesick the moment we got there for our Presley girl and wish she were with us... but a toddler at WDW sounds like less of a vacation to me then if it were just the two of us.  Not to mention, financially, that kinda trip just won't be happening anytime soon!  But for some reason I just can't tell my brain to drop it!!! 

  • Tony & I got to go on our first date in a long long time and it was so nice!  My mother-in-law came over to spend the night on Saturday and watched Presley while Tony & I went out to dinner at Chipotle!  We just watched the Chipotle special on Netflix and it really made us want to go there.  And it was DELICIOUS.  Seriously awesome, fresh, good food!
  • When we wiped out in the middle of the road downtown, this nice guy ran over to us from way down the street to make sure we were okay.  He told me I was doing a really good job taking care of my baby and that she was a tough little girl.  He offered her a cough drop - which was sooo nice but I had to decline because sometimes the crazy people ARE the nice ones!  Even with the minor creepy factor, it was really touching that he would come all that way to check on us.
  • My OB/GYN office called me today to give me the information for our referral to the maternal fetal medicine doctor for Molly's kidneys.  My appointment is about two weeks away and thankfully on a Monday so hopefully Tony will be able to take off that day and go with me.
  • Speaking of kidneys... I get frequent e-mails from WebMD on various topics and yesterday I randomly got an e-mail on the function of kidneys!  I thought that was a nice little refresher and a funny coincidence.
  • Thankfully, Matthew's baptism is coming up in a few weeks.  So, even if we can't coordinate a trip, we will definitely be meeting him then.  (Which hopefully we can just do both - go visit them and then see them again on baptism weekend!)  That weekend should definitely be a good one - a bunch of family in town PLUS we're having our housewarming party the day before his baptism!  Can't wait!!!
  • I took a short, glorious nap while Presley napped.  Didn't plan on it, but definitely must have needed it. 
  • For the second day in a row, I was able to run errands sans Presley after Tony got home from work.  He's such a good man/husband/daddy/lover! :)
  • Since the weather turned cold today (and tonight), Tony had the great idea to use our fireplace for the first time!  HEAVENLY.  And he suggested chicken tortilla soup for dinner - another huge hit.  (I used the recipe above plus lime juice, salsa in place of rotel, black beans, cumin, chili powder, minced garlic... and topped it with shredded cheese, avocado, & tortilla strips! YUM.)  Ended the evening with some of our leftover peach cobbler.  YUM!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Marriage Monday: Our Song.

After reading Mandi's post on this topic (thanks to link ups with NFP & Me and Camp Patton), I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to reminisce.

When Tony & I started dating, a special song for us was "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse.  It was popular at the time and a feel-good, loving song and we just mutually agreed on it as our song!

 I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held on to
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

 And a little while later, at prom, our first dance together was "Only God Knows Why" by Kid Rock.  Not exactly ideal or extremely romantic in the usual sense, but it was definitely popular at the time.  And I love that it has a funny story attached to it!

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

We almost ALWAYS get it mixed up with "Picture" by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow.  "Picture" will come on and I'll say "Awww... it's the first song we danced to!" and for the first half of the song we are being all googly-eyed and sweet and then EVERY TIME one of us realize "WOOPS! Wrong song!!"

I found your picture today
I swear I'll change my ways
I just called to say I want you to come back home
I just called to say, I love you come back home 
When our wedding was fast approaching, picking all the right music was so fun and important to us!  Like so many women, I wrote out an entire list of possible songs - songs that either one of us loved, both of us loved, meaningful songs to us, notorious love songs, etc. and went over and over the list.  You know when it was so awesome to make mix tapes (well, CDs...) for the people you love?  Well, Tony got MANY CDs from me over the years and every so often he would make one for me and I can tell you they meant so much to me.  This song ended up on one of them and ever since it has been special to us.  So when it came to picking our first song we wanted something that meant a lot to us and hadn't been OVERLY used.  It was perfect for us.

However far away, I will always love you
However long I stay, I will always love you
Whatever words I say, I will always love you
I will always love you

I love all of our songs, the various meanings and memories they hold for us, and feel like it makes one heck of a balanced playlist.  I still get the same butterflies in my stomach when I hear "Hanging by a Moment" as I did ten years ago and I literally can feel my brain being transported back in time.  And just a few weeks ago I played "Love Song" by 311 on the Jukebox at dinner... it still feels just as special as it did three years ago.  (Now if I could've only talked Tony into dancing with me at the restaurant!!!!  Next time, for sure.)

It makes me curious - what are some of the songs that have meant a lot to you and your significant other over the years?  And how did they come to be special to you?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday!

Finally at my first prenatal appointment since the beginning of December and it was a pretty equal balance of horrible and awesome.  I come from a very busy, efficient OBGYN practice and never waited an unrealistic amount of time for an appointment.  The new place seems extremely busy and unfortunately I waited over an hour before seeing my doctor.  (From start to finish we were there just over 3 hours.)  To me, that is crazy talk.  And what made it seriously awful was that Presley was with me.  Another awful part?  I went in expecting a quick check up (because that's what I was told it would be) and it turned into a seriously drawn out appointment with an ultrasound, blood draw, pee-in-a-cup... those kind of things.  Granted, I was in need of all those things, BUT I purposely made sure beforehand to find out what to expect so I would know whether or not I needed to find someone to watch Presley girl.  I don't like subjecting her to these things unless I absolutely have to.  (Waiting around and being told "No!" all morning long is not fun for a 2 year old or her mom.)  Another not-so-fun part was being talked to like I was an irresponsible parent who neglected to come in from December until now for prenatal care.  I tried my best to explain that it was an unfortunate delay that I didn't want because of waiting for healthcare coverage PLUS not being able to be seen until now by this practice.  The doctor and ultrasonographer still treated me like I was an idiot.  Oh well.

An awesome part of the appointment today?  I ran into a really great friend I haven't seen since highschool at the tail end of my appointment today!  She seriously walked up at the perfect time - Presley was absolutely getting bent out of shape and I was literally JUST about to have my blood drawn.  Not only did Presley settle down, but I had someone to talk to and didn't have to think about the needle/blood/etc.  And she is one of those people you run into and leave feeling lighter and better than before - seriously just perfect to see her today.

Another awesome part is that all of these procedures/tests were done and I feel a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders as a result.  Though I didn't appreciate the way I was talked to by the personnel, I can already tell that they take their jobs seriously and were very thorough with their duties and that they took my specific pregnancy with utmost care and seriousness.  That was VERY much appreciated as well. 

It became apparent that my new doctor took my care seriously when I received a phone call from the office two hours after I left - which I thought was odd.  Turns out, the doctor reviewed the ultrasound scans and found that it showed a mild dilation of Molly's right and left kidney.  The nurse let me know that they were putting in a referral to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and that they would be in touch with me once they scheduled an appointment to do further research on her kidneys.

From the preliminary research Tony & I have both done so far - it seems like it's nothing to worry about, especially not at this point when we still don't have anything to go on for sure.  Like I said before, I really do appreciate the diligence of the staff at my new OBGYN office and feel cared for already and for that I am very thankful!   

 If you haven't tried Chicken Enchilada Pasta, seriously... give it a shot.  This is a staple in our household and my husband crave it all the time!  Every single time I make it, I swear it tastes a little different that before.  It's a super easy recipe and you can personalize it as you want (we add corn to ours plus fresh tomatoes... YUM) and the flavor is just amazing.  I made it last night and I already want to make it again tonight!

We are planning on taking Presley to see the Easter Bunny this weekend!  She is currently in stranger danger mode... so I fear I may do some emotional damage... but I am hoping for the best.  Plus, a free 4x6 photo from Bass Pro Shop with the bunny?  How can you turn that down?

Presley's sleep has been off the wall lately.  She has started to throw what I call micro-fits before bed or nap time and has gone from a kid who falls asleep right away to a kiddo who sits in her crib and plays/jumps/talks for at least an hour before tuckering out.  It's been a little exhausting, only because I don't know how to amend the situation, but for the most part it seems to get a little better everyday.  Or maybe I'm just becoming a little more immune to it everyday.  I take solace in knowing I am not the only parent who deals with sleep problems from their kids and the stress that comes along with that.

To balance it out - three things Presley LOVES doing lately is taking a bath in our huge bathtub, running like a wild woman throughout our bathroom (is it weird that our bathroom is carpeted?), and taking selfies.

Linking up for Five on Friday with Carolina Charm and the gang.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Currently {link up} x16

Linking up with Harvesting Kale.
This week's prompts are {dropping, making, wearing, kissing, keeping}

DROPPING:  If I physically drop something these days, it's a struggle to pick it back up.  And if I bend too many times in a row then you can pretty much guarantee I'm following it up right away with a trip to the bathroom to pee!

MAKING:  I am too proud of myself and some good deals NOT to talk about it - but yesterday, I made Target my bitch.  I went in armed with physical coupons, coupons from their Cartwheel app, and text coupons (you can currently get some for your own by texting THANKS to 827438).  On top of that, I took advantage of some of their gift card deals (for example: buy 3 UP&UP Paper Towel bundles and get a $5 gift card) and also bought a truckload of fresh meat that was marked down as it was nearing it's "sell by" date.  Just from coupons and promotions, I ended up saving $52 yesterday.  And I am not extreme about it whatsoever (my final bill was over $100)... but I certainly enjoy getting awesome deals (I got a pound of very lean ground beef for $2.52 after it being on sale, having a $2 off coupon attached to it since it was nearing the "sell by" date, and a 5% off coupon from Cartwheel) and doubling/tripling coupons... I just leave with a really good feeling knowing I am saving our family some money on stuff that is really great quality and on things we will 100% be using.  It makes ever buying things for full price a little difficult for me!  The lady who checked me out at Target yesterday kept saying, "Oh girl, that is a really good deal..." or "Dang! You got that for cheap! I need to go get me one of those..." and it was cracking me up!

WEARING:  My new pair of maternity compression pants from Old Navy.  I had a pair throughout my last pregnancy and just fell in love with them.  I continued to wear them occasionally when I wasn't pregnant and then again during this pregnancy (all.the.time.) so they were pretty worn out.  I replaced them and HOLY canoli... they are even more perfect than the first pair.  They are pretty much like yoga pants that just hug you all day long.  Who doesn't want to spend the day being hugged??

KISSING:  Time with my husband goodbye.  Between him working long days six days a week and his various activites after work... I just give up.  I literally HATE being a downer on my blog, but it's been a sore spot lately and I don't foresee it getting any better.  And I hate it.  I know you can't have your cake and eat it too... but the pace of life right now and the uneven balance between busyness and family time is making me resentful.  Both of us failing to make it a priority to talk everything out adds to the failure right now.  I know it's 110% NORMAL for marriages to have ups and downs and struggles - but when you are in the middle of it and feel like the only one in the battle, it really sucks.

KEEPING:  In mind that everything is cyclical and things get better.

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